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V.Reverse was a punk rock band from Chicago who existed from 1995 until 1997. The band included Douglas Ward (ex-ID Under & 8 Bark), Patrick Scott, Angel Ledezma (ex-Hee Hee Wives), and Adam Cheknis. The group toured and released on EP before breaking up (a posthumous CD of their recorded history was released in 2001). Douglas and Patrick later reunited in 97-Shiki. Patrick also played in the Chicago-based hardcore band My Lai and the Minnesota-based Kill Sadie. Angel did a stint in The Vindictives and currently plays in the rock band Thee Arthur Layne. Adam recently played guitar in The Retirement Club. Douglas has played in a number of bands, including Fourth Rotor and Blasting For Drilling.



  • Now>Then: Complete Recording 1995-1997 CD (Arms Reach Records, 2001) - all recordings, including the 10" and comp and demo songs.

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