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Ed Wille-guitar, Roger Fieser-vocals, Brian Lueck-Drums, Ben Dorfenkle, (Dorren)-Bass was Unified Field from 1986 to 1988 that also produced a multi-song demo tape entitled Unified Field. This line up gigged at Durty Nellies in Palatine and several Chicago venues including the famed Hell House at 666 N. Milwaukee, a real shit hole. Just before opening for Naked Raygun, (at the Metro), Roger Fieser was replaced with David 'Buzz' Doyle, and at this show opening for Raygun, Roger Fieser sang one song on stage for the show. (It was met with a jovial/positive reception). Ed Wille then quit right after that gig in 1988 and was replaced with a guy named Jay, who later played with the Blue Meanies. (Ed Wille played in Hi-Fi and the Roadburners years later and with Hi-Fi opened for the Blue Meanies in Austin, Texas in 1997!). Jay was still with the Meanies in 97' as a sidebar/point of interest. The new Unified Field line up with Jay on guitar and Buzz on vocals never produced a recording. Ed Wille joined the group again briefly, (for about 3 months in 1989) before shipping off to the Marines, still with Buzz Doyle on vocals; and that was the end of the band.