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The Luchs Brothers were a very early Chicago "punk" band, from late 1970s. They released one well-received 7" and a second, less popular record, an EP. The Luchs Brothers originally started out as a comedy troupe and they really had only one track that was in the punk vein, but since it was well-known at the time they are lumped into the punk scene.



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  • Kill Me I'm Rotten / Losing My Lunch Over You 7" (Retread, 1978)
  1. Kill Me I'm Rotten
  2. Losing My Lunch Over You
  • We Are Farmers And Comedians Too! 7" (Retread, 1979)
  1. Bacon County Jail
  2. Luchs Bros. On Parade
  3. The Beer Belly Polka
  4. This Is A Test
  5. Phone Calls To God
  6. Rats Live On No Evil Star

History by Kurt Luchs

"Kill Me I'm Rotten was written in 10 minutes after my first exposure to the voice of Johnny Rotten, which I thought was one of the funniest things I'd ever heard, and to which I wanted to pay some kind of comedic homage. To this day, I'm amazed at how little press is devoted to the humor of the Sex Pistols and how seriously everybody takes punk. The idea that this man has made a living from singing all these years is, to me, hilarious. Still, I'm a big fan and I've enjoyed pretty much everything he's done. We soldiered on for a while with our comedy shenanigans. Our second record was unfortunately a major abortion, an attempt to combine songs with comedy bits, and it all sounds pretty awful today except for one cut, Luchs Brothers On Parade, which is nice but too long. I wouldn't stand by anything else on the record except for the ingenious homemade packaging, which is based on Chinese propaganda of the period, and includes things like a political playlet, etc."


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