The Kruds

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The Kruds were a VERY short lived band featuring members of Out of Order.


History by Devon Brock

The Kruds were a project masterminded by myself and Milan Vujnovic (Rade's cousin). Basically, the plan was to form a band that never rehearsed - not once. Our demo was original Ramones, Rezillos, etc. recordings right off the records. We were going to do one show - opening for a national act. That was the setup. We created a press kit with professional photos. Developed costumes to hide our identities. Shopped the tape and ended up on the bill with Social Distortion on their ball and chain tour at Exit. All in all, we got enough money for a sack of greens and a couple pizzas. Since we never rehearsed and were blindingly drunk and laughing too hard, we were unable to complete any song on the setlist, they generally dissolved into sheer noise and feedback. To me, the very best part of the show was afterward, walking up to the front bar and running into Phil who shook his head and said, "Reduced to playing in a cover band."

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