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The Bliss Machine is a post-punk/funk band founded in the early in the Spring of 1991 and went into hiatus some 18 months later in the Fall of 1992; the band re-booted 29 years later in 2021.


EZD and Bliss Master D had been college roommates in the Summer of 1990 in the East side dormitories of the University of Illinois at Chicago; both played guitar and enjoyed similar music. They formed the core of the new 5-piece band originally known as Proletariat Bondage and later Strey Voltage. After several personnel they evolved into a three-piece by the Fall of 1991.

The Bliss Machine played one live performance at an invite-only house party in the East Pilsen artist colony on May 29,199 - it was shut-down early by the Chicago Police due to noise concerns. Later that year, the band was forced the cancel their public debut scheduled for November 18, 1992 on Phyllis' Musical Inn when bassist Bebo left the band to focus on academic studies.

Subsequent efforts to recruit a suitable replacement bassist/vocalist were unsuccessful and the project went into an extended hiatus. Co-founder Thompson continued his musical journey in Bröken Vëgas playing the drums from 1994-1996. Bliss Master D parlayed the digital audio recording gear that he had acquired to launch Pl@n3t $t@rCh1ld in 1993. Originally launched as a voicemail portal, then on a BBS and ultimately as Web database of indie music, it featured audio clips, label art and photography from musical artists. The following year he co-founded one of the first Web agency's Streams Online Media Development as general manager/marketer and audio engineer.

Co-founders Bliss Master D and EZD re-formed the project in the Spring of 2021 recruiting bassist and songwriter E. Gorscak to the largely studio project.

Original 1992 Line-up

  • Bebo, Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • EZD, Drums & Backing Vocals
  • Bliss Master D, Guitar & Vocals

Current 2022 Line-up

  • Eric G , Bass Guitar
  • EZD, Drums
  • Bliss Master D, Guitar & Vocals


The band recorded developed original material and recorded a live 10-song album in May of 1992 titled "Ready to Roll."

Six original songs were:

  • Telemate (Bliss Master De)
  • Kuwait (Bliss Master D)
  • No Control (EZD)
  • That Way (Bebo)
  • Don't Mess with a Woman (Bebo)

Five of the original songs have been digitally released in 2021: Kuwait, Telemate, No Control, That Way and Don't Mess with a Woman; Free Your Id (Bliss Master D) has not yet been released.

Four covers were recorded in the '92 session but have not as of yet been released:

  • Peg (Steely Dan)
  • Mississippi Queen (Mountain)
  • Light My Fire (The Doors)
  • Stepping Stone (The Monkees)

Kuwait was also re-recorded in 2022 and released featuring new bassist Eric G; also released is a music video for the song.

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