The Black Sheep Band

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The Black Sheep Band is a Chicago-based punk rock super-group that made a record for charity in 2011 called A Chicago Punk Rock Collaboration For The Kids, Vol 1. Members of the band include well-known musicians and punk pioneers such as Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers, Dan Vapid of Screeching Weasel, Eric Spicer of Naked Raygun, Mike Byrne and Pete Mittler both of The Methadones, James Toland of Micro Penis, Gina Knapik of Venom Lords, Dan Knapik of Not Rebecca, Herb Rosen from Rights Of The Accused and jazz saxophonist Scott Haynes.

The band has never performed live all together but members of the band have performed some Black Sheep Band songs with their own bands and were joined by other BSB members.


The record was recorded by Jeff Dean of Million Yen Studios and also guitarist for The Bomb, Noise By Numbers, Dead Ending, Explode and Make up and All Eyes West. Proceeds of the record benefit Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago.


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