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Patrick wrote:

The person who edited this page to say that this Robert McNaughton is not the same person who wrote the score to "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" mis-read Paul Zamost's message from the Chicago Punk Pix board. Robert McNaughton wrote the music, John McNaughton directed it. Some believed that the 2 were brothers or relatives. They are not, that is what Paul's message was saying.

Galanter responds:

I went back and checked and you seem to be right. I misread the somewhat confusing dispute. To clarify, Zamost seems to be saying (1) Robert *did* write the score (2) he *didn't* rip it off and (3) despite the same last name he is unrelated to the director.

Thanks for setting me and this entry straight!

I am on the same page here - Zamost said that he did write it, didn't steal it and wasn't related to the director. Almost made a thread about it on CPP but kudos to Patrick/Galanter for using the discussion section! A handy tip for talk pages - if you use four tildes (~) at the end of a talk paragraph, it subs in your login name and the current date/time. And a colon at the beginning of a line will tab it in, a good way to signify that a reply on the discussion page is a response to the paragraph above it. Very handy for long discussions. - Gantry 09:17, 15 June 2007 (CDT)