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Subfusc was a label out of Downers Grove run by Pete Havranek of the band 42 Loads. The label's releases were all on cassette or vinyl. Later in '90s, Pete relocated to Urbana, IL and changed the label's name to Playing Field Recordings.


  • SFC001 - 42 Loads - Nostril cassette (1993)
  • SFC002 - SacHead - Our World cassette (1993)
  • SFC004 - Jumpknuckle - Pariah 7" EP (1994)
  • SFC005 - Back of Dave/Prozac Memory - split LP (1994)
  • SFC/PFR006 - Civic - Five Marks The Times... 7" EP (1997) - released under both the Subfusc and Playing Field imprints

Note: These are releases done under the Subfusc name only. Playing Field Recordings continued to be active into the 2000s.