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Skullface was (and remains) a largely enigmatic Chicago punk underground band that existed from circa 1995 - circa 2000. Although they had a loyal following, no one really knew who Skullface was, and those who did and were friends of the members largely helped keep the identities of the members private. The only publicity the allowed was their band name, and the classic skull logo.

They played a mix of grind-core punk and hardcore with a splattering of brass instruments and piano which gave them a unique but bizarre, sinister sound that most fans found a genius cross-breed of genres, while a smaller percentage found it obnoxious.

Although they had more material, they only released one DIY EP demo that was mostly on cassette, despite cassettes being out of date as by that time and CDRs being easily accessible. There was probably less than 100 of them, and there were no liner notes, only song names. They went on a short regional tour before breaking up 99 or 2000.

One on and off member was Kiki Martinelli (R.I.P.) who lived at El Rancho Orphanage who played the sax and the piano.