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Punkhouse was the first EP released by Screeching Weasel. The record was released by Limited Potential Records in 1989. Label founder Mike Potential had relocated to Chicago from Ohio, where he had written a fanzine called Limited Potential, and was looking to start issuing records. He would go on to issue early recordings by Chicago-based alternative bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, the Poster Children, and Triple Fast Action. This is the only Screeching Weasel record to feature drummer Brian Vermin. It is also the first record to feature Danny Vapid. However, he was called "Sewercap" on this release.


Format: 7" EP

Label: Limited Potential Records. Subsequently reissued by No Budget Productions and Selfless Records

Studio: Studio One, Chicago

Recording Dates: April, 1989

Year: 1989. Subsequently reissued in 1991 (No Budget Productions) and 1993 (Selfless Records)

Availability: 500 copies pressed by Limited Potential, 500 copies pressed by No Budget Productions, unknown copies pressed by Selfless, all out of print.


Side A

1. Punkhouse (Weasel/Jughead)

2. Fathead (Weasel/Vapid/Jughead)

3. Good Morning (Weasel)

Side B

1. I Need Therapy (Weasel)

2. I Think We're Alone Now (Ritchie Cordell)

3. Something Wrong (Screeching Weasel)



  • The EP was mostly recorded without Jughead, who was stuck in Galena, IL after what was a futile attempt to win back an ex-girlfriend.
  • According to Jughead, Studio One was designed for voice and advertisement work and not rock bands.
  • The line "Jump up and down/Dance on the couch/Stuff a potato in your mouth" from the song "Punkhouse" is a reference to Lookout! Records' founder Lawrence Livermore's behavior the first time the band met him.
  • Ben repressed the record himself in 1991 using the No Budget Productions imprint. This version has an insert but no covers, something Jughead admits to not being happy about.
  • The Selfless Records reissue has a different cover photo than the original but it was from the same photo shoot.
  • Ben has stated that he wrote most of the lyrics for this record while drunk. That, and the poor production, have contributed to making it one of his least favorite SW releases.
  • The entire EP was included on the Kill The Musicians compilation CD and is now available digitally on the Suburban Vermin compilation (excluding "I Think We're Alone Now").

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