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Political Justice? was a punk band from 1982 to 1986. They were from Glen Ellyn, IL and featured a couple members who went on to join Rights of the Accused.



In 1982 Spud Boy, who mainly wrote poetry about anarchism, pacifism, and vegetarianism, Loren St. Clair, and a friend by the name of Neils Dugan had an idea to start a band. The name was going to be BVD, short for bass, vocals, & drums. By the time the band formed late that year Neils was no longer going to be in it and the name changed to Political Justice? (Yes, with a question mark). So Loren and Spud recruited Loren's brother Brian to play drums. The three started playing in the St. Clair's basement and quickly came up with a hand full of songs. Realizing that the band was limited without a guitar player, they got one of their friends Scott Spalo to play with them. By summer of 1983 Scott was gone and they got Wes Kidd.

After recording a number of basement tape recordings in 1983, they wanted to make a better tape to get some shows from the main promoter in Chicago (Sean Duffy / Last Rites). They went to a shit hole studio in Naperville, IL where fellow suburban bands like Denied Remark’s and the Protagonists went to record. Out of it came a 6 song muddy pile of crap titled - Three Things. They did get some good shows and a great review and radio time from Tim Yohannan at Maximum Rock and Roll Magazine. MRR even keeps promoting the band in the 21ST Century - see the link and scroll down to tape 200 http://www.luver.com/maxrnrplaylists4.html

By the end of ’84 the band also recorded a 7 inch EP called – Stating The Truths And Healing The Wounds, which came out on a Downers Grove, IL label called Landmind Records. The pressing plant held up the release for a long time and it finally saw the light of day by fall of 1985. Between the recording of the 7 inch and it’s release Wes started playing second guitar for Rights Of The Accused. He played in both bands until the break up of Political Justice?

Political Justice? opened for some great bands (battalion of saints, tsol, faction, urge overkill, target moscow, rights of the accused, happy toons, blatant dissent, and more) and Brian and Wes went on to join and form other bands. Political Justice? broke up in early 1986.


  • Demo Tape (Before 1985)
  • Stating the Truths and Healing the Wounds 7" (Landmind, 1985)
    • 500 Copies Made
  • Track on the Immense Decay compilation (Spontaneous, 1987)


  • MXV's Landmind Page - most of the info here. No direct link to the page.

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