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Phil 'n the Blanks were a new wave band from the early 80s. Charaterized by upbeat pop melodies and quirky, but intelligent lyrics, they were popular at venues across the Midwest and the East Coast. Their forays into music video predated the big-budget productions from bands later in the decade, yet their low-budget, often humorous productions received regular airplay in the early days of MTV. The band has reunited for single performances (usually private) in recent years.

A compilation DVD of all the Phil 'n' the Blanks videos was released in 2009.



  1. Ou Est
  2. Without Consummation
  3. Keeping Me Honest
  4. Inspected By #7
  5. Push & Pull
  6. Vi-Sectomy
  7. How It's Done
  8. (I'm Her) Sex Toy
  9. Family, Work, Neighborhood, Peace and Freedom
  10. The Ladder
  11. Advertising Girl
  12. Void Fill
  13. Sex Life
  14. Black is Not a Color (Its a Situation)
  1. The National Dance Contest
  2. See You
  3. Lands and Peoples
  4. Meadowlands
  5. The Forest's On the Move
  6. You Can't Call Me
  7. Exercise
  8. Cold Love
  9. Punctuality (Is a Virtue)
  10. Babble On
  11. Condition Red
  1. Head Screwed On
  2. Pockets of Pleasure
  3. A Space Traveler's Manifesto
  4. Dance Dance
  5. You Look Like Someone
  6. Johnny Bit

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