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No Empathy was a Chicago-based punk band started in late 1983 by Marc Ruvolo (Vocals) and Iggy Recinos (Bass). The two had met while playing in a short-lived version of Gross National Product and soon decided to start a band of their own. Shortly after, Craig White was added on Guitar and Chris Russell on drums. Their first show was on July 13th, 1984 at a downtown Chicago YMCA. Recinos left the band after three shows and was replaced by Tom Costanzo. Ruvolo became the only constant member over the band’s 13 year run, but the line-up of Ruvolo, Martin Geraghty, Chuck Uchida, Steve Gallup, and Kurt Stephens is considered the “classic” line-up which recorded most of the band’s output and lasted seven years. In that time, the band shared the stage with many punk legends such as 7 Seconds, Fear, Stiff Little Fingers, Bad Brains, NOFX and Fugazi, plus touring the continental US numerous times. Ruvolo also started Johann’s Face Records to release No Empathy material, which soon after expanded to release records by other bands such as The Smoking Popes, Alkaline Trio, Apocalypse Hoboken and many more. The label continues today and is approaching 100 releases.

No Empathy announced that they are playing a reunion show on April 4, 2009 at the 20th Anniversary Show of Johann's Face Records.

Post No Empathy

Marc Ruvolo went on to play in the Traitors, and The Atari Star. He currently plays guitar and sings in Das Kapital. Craig White went on to play guitar in Repulse Kava and Seam. Brian Lueck went on to play drums in Hi-Fi and the Road Burners. Chris Russell went on to play drums in The Groove Diggers.


Original Lineup

Classic Lineup

Other Members


  • Nothing Less Than Nothing at All LP (Walkthrufyre Records, 1987)
  • Freedom of Flesh LP (Roadkill Records, 1988)
  • Agrippa 7” (Roadkill Records, 1989)
  • They Want Whatever LP/CD (Johann’s Face Records, 1991)
  • You’re So Smart CD/ 7” Box Set (Johann’s Face Records, 1993)
  • Split 7”/CD Single with Zoinks! (Johann’s Face Records, 1994)
  • Ben Weasel Don’t Like It CD/EP (Broken Rekids, 1997)
  1. Ben Weasel Don't Like It
  2. Chasing The Wild Goose
  3. Maps
  4. Another Word For Unhappiness
  5. Veteran
  • The Same Mistakes Endlessly Repeated LP/CD (Johann’s Face Records, 1997)
  • Good Luck Makes Me Nervous CD (Johann’s Face Records, 1998)

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