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Navastrau consisted of Rick Gallo and vocalist Gretchen Witte; they were part of the Disturbing Records crew. Navastrau was known for it's unique techno-sound and it's reluctance to perform live. When Navastrau did a show at Exit, billed as "their first and only" before they play New York, the place sold out. J. von Damen, a reviewer in the Coolest Retard liked their debut ep so much he made a gift of it to Ralf Hutter of Kraftwerk;

Alona's Dream Records re-released their two 7-inch EPs along with unreleased tracks on cassette in 2013


  • Vergess Mir Nit (Disturbing, 1980)
  • American Fitness (Disturbing Records, 1981)
  • The Navastrau Tapes (Alona's Dream Records, 2013)
    • Both original 7-inches along with unreleased tracks

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