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National Trust Records was a small indie punk label in the mid 1980s. Not much info is available about them, but they did release one Chicago punk record (ROTA). The biggest name to release on their label was The Vandals, so they are likely based out of California.

Chicago Recordings

  • NT 884 Vandals – When In Rome... LP (1985)
  • NT 885 M.I.A. – Notes From The Underground LP (1984)
  • NT 887 Love Canal– It´s A Dogs Life... LP (1985)
  • NT 888 Sextex - same LP
  • NT 889 Don't No – Incite The Riot LP
  • NT 890 Detonators - Just Another Reason LP (1985)
  • NT 891 Fang- Spun Helga LP
  • NT 7201 Rights of the Accused - Dillinger's Alley LP (1987)