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Lost Cause (sometimes called Chicago's Lost Cause to differentiate from the California band of the same name) were a pretty well-known punk/hardcore band led by frontman Joe Kelly from about 1986 to 1989. They released a two records and their music evolved into more of a metal sound as the years went by. Lost Cause often opened up for some of the larger national punk acts (typically at The Metro) and as a result got quite a bit of exposure within Chicago. After the first Lost Cause record, all of the members outside Joe Kelly quit and formed MOSH. Joe returned with a new line up to record Chicks Go Wild, an amalgamation of punk, metal, and rap that, in retrospect, might have been a few years ahead of it's time. Upon it's release in 1989, however, the record appears to have ruined whatever reputation the band had and the group broke up the same year.



  1. Crazy
  2. Suburban Girl
  3. Where's Babylon
  4. Death To You
  5. BAM
  6. I Desire
  7. Inner Combustion
  8. G.I. Joe
  9. False Alliances
  10. Lost Cause
  1. Chicks Go Wild
  2. Party Army
  3. Nothin
  4. Justice
  5. Kill Or Be Killed


  • 1986 July 30th (Wednesday) at Cabaret Metro - GBH/Cro-Mags/Lost Cause
  • 1986 September 28th (Sunday) at Cabaret Metro - Out Of Order/Fang/Lost Cause

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