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Note - This information was provided by a known trouble-maker on the CPP forums and has not been verified. If you can verify or disprove this information, please email gantry at dee-nee.com
K&J Flyer from 1980

Katz and Jammer Kids was a bar at 2274 N. Lincoln in the late 70s and early 80s. They would occasionally do punk shows, mostly because the bar was owned by the mother of The Ferraris frontman James Gordon. As described by CPP member Geezergrrrl:

"Katz was not really a punk bar, but since James's Mom owned it, and James and his brother, Michael bartended there, a lot of early punks did hang out there, especially after Le Mere burned down, and before OB's opened in the summer of 1978. After that, they would sometimes do a punk show, but not on a regular basis, because it wasn't really set up for it. However, they did have some punk singles on the juke box, and a lot of people would go there on Sunday nights"

Notable Shows

  • December 10, 1980 - The Ferraris

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