Jim Sludge

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Jim Sludge has played in approximately 40 different punk, hardcore, and metal bands since 1986. Primarily a drummer, Sludge has also sang and played guitar. Some of Sludge's bands include Dead Steelmill, Penfold's Revenge, Corporal Punishment, Annihilitik Excruciator, Vaginal Cancer, Violent Regurgitation, Pain, Kill, Garbage Dump, Schizoid Mutants, Stupid Fucking Idiots (SFI), Project Torture, True Destroyer, Universal Skum, Detox Dropouts, Sharp Round Edges, Spare Change, Dead Billy, Project Salmon, Napalm Cowboy, MOTO, Imminent Domain, Cranial Explosion, Insult To Injury, SMW, The Surf Zombies, The Goon Squad, Suicide Bride, Mister Trophy, Disfuck 99, Rotgut, Flannel Tubs, Divine Tactics, Haterz, The Injured, Baitpile, Belligerent Outburst, and many, many more.