Jeremy Cowan

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Jeremy "DJ Dig-It" Cowan started at Smart Bar early on as a bar back and all around helper, he moved into DJing and working with many bands playing drums and percussion. Hung around and learned from all the quinessential early house Smart Bar DJs.

He moved to San Francisico in the mid 80's and started a legendary record store (one of the first ever for DJs only) called BPM records. He soon started a record label for remixes called "Freshly Squeezed", got signed to Strictly Rhythm, built a recording studio doing Remixes of Tony Braxton, DeeLite, David Bowie, Sting, Rozaalla, and many others. Helped spwan the careers of many well known rave DJ artists, including DJ Rasoul, DJ Buck, The Hardkkiss bros, DJ Pollywog, and many more. at that point he bacame DJ Dig-IT. He also coined the Term "San Fran Disco" and kept the rave scene rockin for a long time. left for england in the early 90's and has several releases since then, and is producing for others at last check..