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Dumb Ra was founded at the University of Chicago in the summer of 1980 when Mickey Cohen (ex Trouble Boys) asked Chris Moore to learn to play bass. They then convinced Bart Goldberg (ex Trouble Boys) to join them and, after adding drummer Mark Giblin, began performing that fall. Giblin was soon replaced by Dave Campbell. The band continued around the core of Cohen-Moore-Campbell for approximately five years, when Campbell left Chicago for New York, where he joined Love Camp 7.

Dumb Ra played at various Chicago venues, including the Cubby Bear, among others, and appeared on the U of C episode of Coming On, an early made-for-cable Disney show.

Cohen currently lives in France and performs with acoustic trance duo OdO.


  • Chris Moore - bass
  • Mickey Cohen - vocals/guitar
  • Dave Campbell - drums
  • Bart Goldberg - guitar (I)
  • John Bowin - guitar (II)
  • Lawrence Dahl - guitar (III)