Bobby Scarpelli

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Bobby Scarpelli was a really great guy and a bouncer for many years at Metro Smart Bar. He later moved over to the GingerMan. I heard he died (heart attack?) in the early 90's. He was one of the best, nicest people, he was like a big brother/keeper for a lot of us lost punk club kids, and had a heart of gold.

He did alot of good deeds quietly, you'd be surprised at what happened after hours and backstage...

He will be fondly missed-- Rock On Bobby, and thanks for lookin out for us all those years.

Bobby Scarpelli died Wednesday, May 20, 1998, of complications from liver disease. He was 50 years old. Bobby had many friends, and many more acquaintances. Those of us who remember him from the 'clubhouse' a private after hours joint above the old Cassidy's Pub on Lincoln knew him as a man of appetites. He lived and died well, on his own terms, as his own man. He is missed.