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Bobby Conn was a "disco-fueled punk throwback" funk band that operated on the fringes of the punk scene, often playing gigs at venues like The Hideout and opening or headlining for punk bands, lead by frontman Bobby Conn. Proclaimed as a genre hopping chameleon, Bobby Conn began his musical career with Chicago prog rock trio Conducent in 1989 and went solo in '94.

Conn's shows were a mix of theatre, performance art, and hard to label but easy to dance to music. Good promoters often booked him with equally difficult to label bands like Lozenge. Conn often dressed as different characters and always wore makeup

The original lineup was Bobby Conn, vocals, guitar, etc., ex-Conducent member DJ Le Deuce on turntables, and Julie Pomerleau (aka Monica BouBou) on electric violin.

After rallying a fan base in Chicago and distributing several local lavel albums nationally, the lineup changed slightly with Julie / Bou Bou switching to organ and the additive of second guitarist Sledd, keyboardist Pearly Sweets, bassist Nick Macri, and drummer Colby Starck.

Conn formed a backing band titled The Burglars from some of Chicago's leading players in time for his 2012 7th release, Macaroni (whose cover art, though this might be an over-editorializing stretch, may mimic the infamous release The Velvet Underground and Nico but with a Macaroni noodle in the place of a banana). The Burglars consisted of long time drummer Josh Johannpeter (Lazer Crystal and Mahjongg), keyboardist Jon Steinmeier and bassist Jim Cooper of The Detholz.