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The A-Zone, short for Autonomous Zone, was a long lasting info and community collective with an anarchist bent in Chicago from 1990 to the mid 2000's. It's original location was on Chicago Ave., before they moved further west on Chicago Ave. just east of Western Ave. in Ukranian Village.

In 2001 they moved to the 2100 block of North Milwaukee just southeast of The Congress Theatre and El Rancho Orphanage

In August of 2002 they were attacked by 77 Street punks, a local skinhead gang. Members were injured but no one was seriously harmed, but the windows were broken and the interior severely damaged.

The A-Zone remained open for a brief time after the attack before closing.

A new comprehensive zine was recently published this year on the history of the A-Zone. For more information visit https://anarchistnews.org/content/new-zine-history-chicagos-zone-infoshop