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Tar was a late-80s and 90s punk/indie band out of Chicago. They released a few records on Touch and Go and were quite well-known nationally. Tar morphed out of 80s punk band Blatant Dissent, which featured vocalist John Mohr, drummer Mike Greenless, and bassist Tim Drescher. Blatant Dissent had formed in Dekalb, where the members were attending college. In late 1987, Blatant Dissent had added guitarist Mark Jablocki to the group. The group changed their name to Tar in April 1988 after it had become apparent that the new material they were writing was moving away from the Blatant Dissent sound and they would soon relocate to Chicago (where Mohr and Zablocki were living). Their 1989 EP, "Handsome", would be the first 12" release for the influential Amphetamine Reptile label. In 1990, Tim Drescher would depart the band and be replaced by Tom Zaluckyj. Tom Zaluckyj and John Mohr would be known for playing custom made aluminum guitars. In 1992, Tar made the switch from Amphetamine Reptile to Touch and Go Records. In 1995, the band released their final album "Over And Out" with the breakup being announced in advance. They played their final show on November 25, 1995 at Lounge Ax where John gave away his guitar after the band finished their set. The band has since reunited periodically for live shows.

Since 2018, John Mohr and Mike Greenless have played together in Deep Tunnel Project. The band also includes Jeff Dean (The Bomb, Dead Ending, Noise by Numbers, many many others) and Tim Midyett (Silkworm, Bottomless Pit).


  • John Mohr - Vocal/Guitar
  • Mark Jablocki - Guitar
  • Mike Greenless - Drums
  • Tim Drescher - Bass (1988-1990)
  • Tom Zaluckyj - Bass (1991-1995)


  • Play To Win b/w Mel's 7" (No Blow Records, 1988)
  • Handsome 12" EP (Amphetamine Reptile, 1989)
    • Reissued by No Blow and Chunklet Industries in 2021
  • Flow Plow b/w Hand 7" (Amphetamine Reptile, 1990)
  • Roundhouse LP/CS/CD (Amphetamine Reptile, 1990)
    • CD includes Handsome
    • Reissued by No Blow and Chunklet Industries in 2021
  • Solution 8 b/w Non-Alignment Pact 7" (Amphetamine Reptile, 1991)
  • Jackson LP/CS/CD (Amphetamine Reptile, 1991)
    • Reissued by No Blow and Chunklet Industries in 2021
  • Teetering b/w The In Crowd 7" (Touch and Go, 1992)
  • Toast LP/CS/CD (Touch and Go), 1993
  • Clincher 12"/CS/CD EP (Touch and Go, 1993)
  • Static split 7" with Jawbox (Touch and Go/Dischord Records, 1993)
    • Both bands cover each other's song of the same name.
  • Over And Out LP/CS/CD (Touch and Go, 1995)
  • Feel This b/w Hell's Bells (Chunklet Industries, 2012)
    • Outtakes from the Over and Out sessions
    • Gold vinyl version was given out at Tar's 2012 reunion show in Chicago
  • 1988-1995 double LP/digital (Chunklet Industries, 2013)
    • Compilation of singles, compilation tracks, unreleased songs, and a John Peel session
    • Digital version includes an additional 2 hours of live tracks
  • split 7" with Man...Or Astro-Man? (Chunklet Industries, 2018)
    • limited release in honor of Henry Ownings (Chunklet Industries) 50th birthday
    • Both bands' songs are taken from other Chunklet releases.
  • Tar Box vinyl box set (No Blow/Chunklet Industries, 2021)
    • Includes Handsome, Roundhouse, Jackson, and a previously unreleased live album, Hold Fast, Hitting Long
    • First pressing was 100 copies. Second pressing 240 copies
    • Each record came on colored-vinyl exclusive to the box set and to the pressing
    • Vinyl version of the live record exclusive to the box set
    • Includes a certificate of authenticity signed by all the members of Tar
  • Hold Fast, Hitting Long digital (No Blow/Chunklet Industries, 2021)
    • Recorded live at Lounge Ax in Chicago on March 28, 1992

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