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The Methadones are a pop-punk band led by Dan Schafer of Screeching Weasel and Sludgeworth fame. Originally started as a side project by Vapid in 1993 which featured a revolving cast of musicians (although bassist Pete Mittler has been involved since the beginning), the Methadones came to be Dan's full-time band around 2001. That year, he recruited bassist B-Face (ex-Queers/The Mopes) and drummer Dan Lumley (ex-Rattail Grenedier/Squirtgun/Screeching Weasel/The Riverdales/The Mopes) to record the band's first LP, Ill At Ease. The band's current line up of Schafer, Mittler, guitarist Mike Byrne (ex-The Vindictives)and drummer Mike Soucy came together by the time of the release of the group's 2nd album, Career Objective (although drummer Matt Drastic plays on that release). In May of 2007, after the recording but prior to the release of This Won't Hurt..., guitarist Ken Fused (ex-Battalion of Saints) joined the group, leaving Dan to concentrate solely on vocals. However, Ken's stint with the band was short-lived and the band is once again a 4-piece, with Dan resuming both guitar and vocal duties.

Pete Mittler and Mike Soucy are also members of The Bomb.

Current Members

Former Members

  • B-Face - Bass on Ill At Ease
  • Dan Lumley - Drums on Ill At Ease
  • Matt Drastic - Drums on Career Objective
  • Ken Fused - Guitar (live shows in 2007)
  • Pat Buckley - Drums


  • Ill At Ease CD (A-F Records, 2001)
  • Career Objective CD (Stardumb Records/Thick Records, 2003)
  • Not Economically Viable CD (Thick Records, 2004)
  • 21st Century Power Pop Riot CD (Red Scare, 2006)
    • Note: all cover songs
  • This Won't Hurt... CD (Red Scare, 2007)

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