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Marie Kanger-Born was a member of the early punk scene, 1979 - 1987. She photographed the local shows during 1981 - 1985 and published a fanzine, called Bullshit Detector in the 1982-1983 period. Several of her photographs were published in the book, "Going Underground: American Punk, 1979-1992" by George Hurchalla. One of her Articles of Faith photographs was included in the book, "American Hardcore: A Tribal History" by Steven Blush. In 2010, she published her own book of photographs, along with her description of her time in the Chi scene. Her book is titled: "Confessions Of A Chicago Punk Bystander," and can be found on Amazon, along with the other popular bookseller sites.

Marie continues to be active in the current Chicago punk scene. Her website, Chicago Punk Pix, went up in February, 2003. It hosts her collection of pictures. The site used to host her extensive (and probably unrivalled) collection of memorabilia from the original Chicago punk scene, including many show flyers, photos and zines. She removed this material in January 2009, and also shut down the section of the Chicago Punk Pix forum dedicated to discussing 1980's punk, due to a lack of time to manage it all. In 2015, she put many of the 1980s photographs back into the site. She continues to add more photos to the collection. Additionally, she continues to add the many photographs she took in 2007 to 2008 of the Pilsen/Little Village Chicago punk scene.

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