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Treason was released as a 12" EP by Naked Raygun on Caroline Records in 1989. Catalogue number of this release is CAROL1455. The EP was released as a numbered limited edition of 2,500 on pink vinyl only. Some un-numbered copies exist and some (with or without number) have a golden 'promo' mark.

Treason is also a punk band out of New York City. Formed in 1999.


The EP only contained 3 tracks:

Side 1:
Treason (from the upcoming Understand? album

Side 2:
Mr Gridlock (previously unreleased 'live' version - recorded 1988 at the Riviera)
I don't know (previously unreleased 'live' version - recorded 1988 at the Riviera)

Both songs on side 2 were later released as bonus tracks on the Understand? CD version released on Quarterstick Records in 1999.


Band line-up was identical to Understand?:

All songs produced by Larry Sturm, live tracks recorded by Timothy Powell

Front cover photo (band line-up) by Marc Harris. Jacket design by Tom & Ellie Hughes