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Six Feet Under was one of the oldest punk/hardcore bands, who were active from around 1980-1983. They are not related to the metal band of the same name. They apparently only released one tape, which is very hard to find.



  • Demo Tape
    • 8 Tracks Total
    • Tracks include Hide Out, Prison Camp and What the Fuck?
    • Recorded/Released between September 1981 & February 1982
    • Reviewed in CR #19

Memorable Shows

  • October 5, 1980 at O'Banion's, with Strike Under
  • October 1, 1981 at O'Banion's, with Husker Du
  • January 8, 1983 at Metro with The Misfits
  • January 13, 1983 at Club 950, with The Rocket 88s
  • Opened up for the Misfits at Misfits, the band and the venue
  • Opened up for The Damned at COD
  • November 24 1981 opening for the Effigies @ EXIT! along with somebody else (maybe)


  • A "newer" song (circa 1/1983) was Shut Up!
  • A bassist's (likely Mike) last show was 1/8/1983 because of school

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