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photo credit John von Dorn

Kate Fagan was the vocalist for Heavy Manners during the 80s. According to a blog post, Kate sang with BB Spin before that. After Heavy Manners, Fagan did some solo work - one of her solo songs, I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool was released as a single in 1980 and got some radio airplay. Later on Kate wrote a rock opera and began a chapter of Rock N' Roll Camp for girls, she lives in New Orleans.

In late February 2023, I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool was released as an expanded full length album with 8 tracks. In the 2020s, I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool was used on TikTok as the background song for certain videos - usually female created ones with a punk rock aesthetic.


  • I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool (1980)
    • Original release was a single
    • Re-released in 2023 by Captured Tracks with 8 tracks
  1. I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool
  2. Waiting For the Crisis
  3. Master of Passion
  4. Come Over
  5. Cover It Up
  6. Take Your Chances
  7. Something's Wrong
  8. Say It

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