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Eyegouger is one of the most influential pornogrind/punk bands on the face of the earth. The band was formed in 1989 in Des Plaines by John Tolczyk a.k.a Bloodspunker (after he made the wise decision to leave the turmoil of a shell of a band at that time in the form of Impulse Manslaughter).[1] and Ron Guin a.k.a Testical Pounder. Their friend Nipple Cruncher (Vance Campbell) who played guitar and had a basement full of equipment joined them later followed by the forces of Mike LeGros a.k.a Gene Scrotosack and Pussy Pulverizer (Preston Shrewsbury).

They released a 7 inch record on Mind Control Records (Nuclear Blast) back in 1991, and followed that up with an unreleased CD called Ass Attack.[2] The band still exists to this day and plays occasionally around the Midwest. They are working on new material for an upcoming CD and are currently in the market for a new Label.


  • Testical Pounder - Vocals
  • Pussy Pulverizer - Guitar
  • Nipple Cruncher - Guitar
  • Gene Scrotosack - Bass
  • Bloodspunker - Drums