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Clox was born in the fall of 1977 and had only two personnel changes until they broke up. The lineup consisted of Terry Fox (vocals and rhythm guitar), Jimi T (vocals and rhythm guitar), Eddie Kilowatts (amazing lead guitar and vocals), Johnny M (drums and vocals) and John Spencer (bass guitar). The band emerged during the late '70s punk/new wave explosion but never promoted themselves in that vein. Clox was know as an "Urban Rock" band that wrote and played music which reflected their experiences living in their beloved city of Chicago. Some of their songs were topical, some were un-love songs, some were love songs, but mostly their music reflected the times that they were living in; Science, biotechnology, androgyny and day to day, night to night life in the city.

Using three guitars in a very multi-layered and textured sound, they wrote original music and performed their very own versions of some classic and contemporary songs of the time.

CLOX was a band that refused to be pigeon-holed or classified by the social movements and music trends of the late '70s and early '80s. Their sound was unique and their songs were contemporary and caught the attention of the music critics of the Chicago music scene.

Although they played a rigorous live schedule, their recording schedule was even more rigorous after they were selected to record a song on the Loop "Chicago Rocks - Volume I" album. Their song, "Out of Control", was recorded at the legendary Paragon Studio owned and engineered by Marty Feldman, the producer was John Ryan. John was a Chicago native that migrated to L.A. and set up shop as "Chicago Kid Productions". This recording encounter led to Marty becoming their manager. Although their relationship with Marty Feldman was a great opportunity for recording at Paragon Studios, the record label interest in the band was mixed. Many labels responded that they loved the layered textured guitars and vocals and the originality of the material, but they could not find a marketable commercial place to put the band.

In January 1980 Terry Fox left the band to open the notable Chicago Dance Nightclub, EXIT. The band continued to record and perform as a 4 member band and in May of 1981 they finally disbanded. They were never signed to a contract and have only one song recorded and put to vinyl... Out of Control. In 1991 the band reformed for a "reunion". They played gigs at Chicago's Bucktown Pub and the renowned China Club before saying good-bye. During their early 90's reunion time they recorded two songs written by Terry Fox, "Crossfire" and "Suspicion", one song written by Jimmi T "Metro" and re-arranged and re-recorded "Affair No Love". Clox once again reunited for a farewell concert for Terry Fox before he moved and relocated to Thailand. They played at the "Last Dance Concert for Terry Fox" November 15, 2014 at the Lincoln Tap Room in Chicago, IL performing 5 songs.

To date, there are many live recordings spanning their career and Terry Fox put these songs to photo/video format for YouTube. The complete selection can be found at the YouTube channel site Cloxchicago1979. The links are listed below. Photos, posters, flyers and memorabilia can be found on the Facebook site listed below.

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