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Chicago Recording Company was a studio near downtown that recorded a great many Chicago punk records during the 80s, mostly thanks to the efforts of Iain Burgess. I'll let Steve Albini describe it in a post on his message board:

"He (Burgess) worked for years at Chicago Recording Company, a slick downtown studio complex spread out over three buildings on Rush and Ohio streets. During business hours, CRC did jingles, voiceovers and occasional music sessions for $250 and hour. With overtime or rush charges, that would sometimes bump up to $500 an hour, and business was good. Since the ad agencies didn't work weekends, the studios sat empty from Friday at dusk to Monday morning. Iain convinced Alan Kubicka, the studio owner, that he could make an extra $500 every week if he could book those weekends for a flat rate, and amazingly Alan went for it. This ushered in the era of Iain being swamped with work, booked every weekend making another record, strapped in from 5pm Friday around the clock until they unlocked the place Monday morning. He must have made dozens of records that way."