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Chicago Punk Pix is a website run by Marie Kanger-Born, an member of the early to mid 80s punk scene. Due to spam issues on the WindyCityPunk boards, Marie's message boards became the most popular gathering point on the Internet to discuss the old (and new) Chicago punk scene. Most of the flyers and a good chunk of the content on this site came from the Chicago Punk Pix site and message board.

The site was active from about 2003 until February 2009. The forum was shut down at that point and all the archival 1980's content was removed. In a posting on the forum, Marie Kanger-Born said, "I feel like I did do a lot of good with the site for a number of years, friends were made, bands got promoted, projects have been facilitated. There's not many people out there who can claim to have built a specialized, local interest site, into one that, at it's height, received 30 thousand visitors a month. I think it's been quite an achievement. I also think that it's time has came and went, and now it's time to stop."

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