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Understand was the fourth record for Naked Raygun, released by Caroline Records in 1989. It featured the same lineup for the third straight LP - Pezzati, Haggerty, Spicer and Kezdy. In 1999, Quarterstick Records rereleased Understand on CD with two bonus live tracks.



  1. Treason (Kezdy/Haggerty)
  2. Hips Swingin' (Pezzati)
  3. Understand (Haggerty)
  4. Entrapment (Pezzati)
  5. Bughouse (Kezdy)
  6. Wonder Beer (Spicer/Haggerty)
  7. Never Follow (Haggerty)
  8. Too Much of You (Pezzati)
  9. Vagabond Dog (Kezdy)
  10. O.K. Wait (Kezdy)
  11. The Sniper Song (Spicer)
  12. Which Side You're On (Pezzati)

CD Bonus Tracks

  • Mr. Gridlock (live)
  • I Don't Know (live)


  • Produced Larry Sturm and Naked Raygun
  • Recorded at Tanglewood Studios
  • Front Cover Artwork: Phil Hale
  • Design: Tom & Ellie Hughes, HughesGroup


  • The bonus tracks were the B-Side of the Treason 12" EP single

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