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The Leeches were formed in the original punk rock explosion era of the late '70s and were a politically oriented band playing a hard raw rhythm & blues, ska/reggae, and rockabilly-tinged musical patois. Originally formed in Chicago, 1979 by Gary Cannone (Drums) and Dave Tainer (vocals and guitar), it evolved until 1984 when the most popular and longest-lived incarnation included Mark Rose (Mark Blue) on lead guitar and vocals, Louis Relucio on Drums, Tony Morrison on bass and vocals, and Dave Tainer on rhythm guitar and vocals. This edition played into 1988, when they disbanded. They were often compared to The Clash, but this was usually done mockingly.

The Leeches had one vinyl EP, Urban Camouflage, containing their early material; it was written up in Maximum R&B and other alternative mags. It seemed to be more popular in Europe than in the US. Also, one TV appearance on a local show where they showcased their latest material (The Friday Club), which portion was included in the short youtube documentary The Leeches: Sucking In The Eighties.

Members and Guest Performers

  • Dave Tainer - Vocals, Guitar (co-founder)
  • Tony Morrison - Bass, Vocals
  • Louis Relucio - Drums
  • Mark Rose - Guitar, Vocals
  • Gary Cannone - Drums (co-founder)
  • Jerry Nigro - Guitar
  • Sean O'Connor - Drums
  • Bill Richards - Guitar, Vocals
  • Devin "y" - Guitar, Vocals
  • Bob Augustine - Drums


Official Releases

  • Urban Camouflage (1986)
    • Recorded Summer, 1986 at Future Studios, Southport & Belmont
    • Produced by Archie Manning and The Leeches
    • Engineer: Archie Manning
  1. Pain and Suffering
  2. Guns and Revolvers
  3. Nazi Dread
  4. Street Life
  5. Real World
  6. Right to Robbery
  • Age Bomb 45rpm Single (2014 Digitally Remastered)
    • Age Bomb (recorded 1985), Side A
    • Guns from the Caribbean (recorded 1985), Side B


The Leeches contributed various songs on numerous tape, album, and CD compilations throughout the USA and Europe from the mid-1980’s. This list of compilations includes and is not limited to:

  • Chicago Peace Comp
  • We Can Change The World
  • Yet Another Compilation


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