The Ozzfish Experience

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The Ozzfish Experience were a drums and guitar duo from South Holland, IL. They released a couple of cassettes and planned to do a split 7" with Screeching Weasel but that was scrapped after the pressing plant that was supposed to manufacture the records went out of business and kept the tapes of the release. The Ozzfish Experience split in 1988 and guitar/vocalist Warren "Fish" Fischer joined Screeching Weasel as their bassist. Screeching Weasel's debut album features a tribute to the band called "Experience The Ozzfish". Drummer Gregg "Ozz" Heyboer went to play guitar for the southside death metal band Zyklon-B.


  • End of the Rainbow cassette (1986)
    • 23 Songs
  • Liberty & Justice For All cassette (1987)
    • 40 songs
  • If You Can't Have Fun...Why Bother Living? split with Screeching Weasel 7" (1987)
    • The record was never released but the covers had been printed and some were sold prior to the planned release. These came with a coupon for the record. 2 test pressings exist, one originally owned by Fish and the other owned by Jughead.


  • Fish - Guitar/Vocals
  • Ozz - Drums/Vocals

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