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Stations was an early post-punk/new wave band from Chicago, from the late 70s until the late 80s. Their early sound was mostly new wave, though they later on they also worked with darker, more Goth tones. They made a video called Fear & Fascination which got airplay on MTV.


Jan 1979 - May 1980

On the Single Release August 1981


Elliot moves back to Nashville and forms Dessau.


  • George Black
  • David Stowell
  • Frank Brodlo
  • Ross Keene

Video release of "Fear and Fascination" 1984-Brief showing on MTV. Won Best Rock Video-1984 -Seattle High Hopes Film Awards . Appeared on many rock video programs in the 1980's.


They are now a more dance floor sound. Playing Limelight to a packed house and 2 show a night showcase gigs at the all ages palace Medusas. Black and Stowell part ways with Christie to return to a less mechanical sound. Van goes on to form Die Warzau.


August 1981 3 different basssists and drummers were attempted - one of the being Steve Albini for 8 weeks and he assisted the pair onstage for one gig at Exit just prior to their departure to Manchester on the invitation of Martin Hannett.

Spent 1981-82 Holidays in Manchester hanging out with Martin and at Martin Usher. Usher ,a good friend of Hannett and the liason who first vistited Black and Stowell at their Bucktown studio/house in 1981. While in Manchester they met members of Magazine. Hannett comes to Chicago and works on 3 Stations tracks at StudioMedia in Chicago with Black, Stowell, Frank Brodlo and John Elliot. Lewis Floodstrand on sax on "In Defense of Cosmetics."

Martin, while in town, stands in as live sound engineer for Stations when they open for Killing Joke at Caberet Metro that first week of August 1982.

Masters taken back to Strawberry Studios as Martin intended to mix there. Martin in a bitter battle with Factory Records head Tony Wilson - Wilson never paid Hannett for all his Factory sessions. Martin declines into depression-alcohol and other substances for the next few years keeping in touch with Chicago now and then. Tapes gather dust...

Masters and original contract with Hannett still in Black/ Stowells possesion-October 2007. Black/Stowell are contacted by people interested in the tracks from those sessions. They are pulled from the archives and are found to be losing their coating. Tapes are sent to specialist who bakes tapes. 3rd time it is performed by Marcello at The Waiting Room Studios, Portland. The baking takes, tracks saved. Sax palyer extrordinaire Jim Horn perfoms a magnificent sax solo on "In Defense of Cosmetics." The track was Hannetts favorite. Slated to be released on vinly 2009.

The two continue contact with Martin Usher-a sought after space sattelite computer technician who has lived in California for 2 decades. Martin Usher was building the the guts of the synth systemss at his house in Manchester for ther the first New Order Tour when Black and Stowell were guests at his house.

Stations part ways with ELLIOT and he is replaced by Ross Keene until after the release of the track & video "Fear & Fascination" Directed by Dan Dinello- Airs briefly in 1984 on MTV-NIGHTFLIGHT-Channel 11. Wins the Seattle based HIGH HOPES FILM FEST FOR best rock video-1984. Article in Billboard that summer.

Live showcase gigs by the band throughout THE 1980'S-LIMELIGHT, METRO, 950 Club-and their biggest shows at the all ages palace MEDUSAS. Summer 1986 David suffers a life threatening AVM, arterial veinous malformation brain hemmorage and pulled to safety by a brain surgeon at U of Chicago Hospital To stop the inoperable defect the team sends him to Stockholm Sweden for Gamma Knife Surgery. aka Sterotactic Radio Surgery at The Karolinska Institute, Sweden the only hospital in the world at the time where that surgery was available. David recuperates and recover miracously unscathed.

Black/Stowell return to writing music and spend 1987-1989 writing recording and working on graphics projects in a Ravenswood loft. 'End of The Night, The Arrival, Artificial Paradise, Ghost at the Banquet, Beautiful Poison, As Good as Gold, The Seduction, Symphony in a Kiss are written, arranged and recorded. Half of this bounty recorded at Schwa Studios, Engineer:Paul Chabala,1988.

Black and Stowell are contacted by Tony King, Rolling Stone Management NYC who expresses interest in a cover of CITADEL fron 'Her Stanic Majesties Request'. Stations twisted the track to a dance/rock /pop track. Tony also takes away copies of latest compositions. Tony pays a visit to their Chicago loft and invites Black and Stowell to the Rolling Stones Steel Wheels concert as guests. Last live performance October 1989 at Medusas. James Kirk on Bass , NYC drummer Michael Cullen on drums. James Kirk departs to play bass on a European Nina Hagen Tour.

Last release 'The Other Upriver' under the Moniker ROPS 56 , 2000. A collection of various work tracks from 1994-97. Mosr recent recorded track 'Strange Weather' recorded at The Waiting Room Studios, Portland,Or. 2008


  1. Against the Grain
  2. Calendar
George Black Vocals/music/lyrics
David Stowell-guitar/music/lyrics
Gregg DeLapp-MOOG
Doug Hayden-Bass
  • The Other Upriver (2000)

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