Soldiers Requiem

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Soldiers Requiem is Naked Raygun's first track of their Jettison LP. Released in 1988, Soldiers Requiem is probably the most recognizible track off Jettison and one of the most popular songs in the entire Raygun catalog.


  • Written by John Haggerty and Pierre Kezdy
  • Produced by Larry Sturm/Naked Raygun
  • 2nd Engineer - Grant Austin
  • It was the only Jettison track taken from a recording session at Jericho Studios.
  • The Lawrence Arms song Requiem Revisited (from 2006's Oh Calcutta) was almost certainly based off Solldiers Requiem


And so it begins - that some things last forever
This spirit endure - the courage that failed them never
So let valor erase - the lies that sought to deceive them

And so for now - I see it very clearly
A soldier in time - knows just what he holds dearly

And so it became - that time was not on their side
And yet it remains - until we breathe our breath
Like tears in rain - there is no shame in your death

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