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Formed in the late 1990s, the Chicago-based Skullkrusher also known as Deadscene, Wardogs and The Revenge was a hardcore punk band from the Chicago area. (Also Not to be confused with the band SKULLKRUSHER from California formed in 2006.) The Band was known to incorporate influences from European d-beat bands such as Wolfpack, Anti-Cimex, Terveet Kadet, The Rude Kids, Destruktions, Rojers, Mob 47, Skitslickers, and Discard along with American hardcore influences such as Cro Mags]], Warzone, Judge, Infest, Slapshot and SFA into their sound. Discharge was not of direct influence in the sound of Skullkrusher, in contrast to the dismoniker bands.

Early Years: Bio

The band was formed by The End of Deadscene in 1997, and the entrance of Natasha on Guitar and Joel and Peter leaving the band permanently.

Their first show as Skullkrusher was an Anti-Racist Action benefit at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago. At this show, the name was simply Skullkrusher with the lineup at that time being Justin/Vocals, Natasha/Bass, Jason/Guitar and Dan/Drums.


  • Jason (Ex-Deadscene vocals / guitar)
  • Natasha (guitar/also from Oi!and Streetcore, bands Drunken Catholics, Bleach Battalion)
  • Dan (Ex-Deadscene went on to play in Southern Illinois hardcore band Rujina)(drums
  • Peter (Ex-Deadscene studio bass on "The Bomb Raid" cassette)
  • Justin (vocals / guitar 1998-1999)
  • Louie (bass guitar 1999-2002)
  • Bobby (guitar on Terrorcore cassette)
  • Joe Skeletor (went on to form Southkore Records and play drums in No Slogan)(guitar 2000-2001)

As of 2012 Both Jason and Natasha are the only ex members still active but now in the bands Gravemist, Bleach Battalion and Harder Holiday.

Official Discography

  • Skullkrusher-Total Skullkrusher CD
  • Skullkrusher-The Bomb Raid
  • Skullkrusher-Smash Terror Core
  • Skullkrusher-Deathsquad (Split release with Skeletor Records)

The band also self-released three DIY CD collections, as well as one 7" record which was a split with the Swedish band Article Nine on TDBL Records. The split record 7" with Article Nine received positive reviews widely, in print and online in such underground zines as Aversionline and MaximumRockNRoll.

Skullkrusher & The Distro gave away thousands of free cassettes but never were any of these actual "releases" they were just the live recordings of the practice sessions in a demo form. So Many Different copies were made and they were never numbered so it is impossible to say just how many of them remain or were initially distributed.

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