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Ring 13 were a high-school-aged punk band from Dekalb from about 1983 to 1986. During their existance, Ring 13 recorded a self-released cassette tape and two tracks on the Dial-a-Trance compilation. Their most memorable shows outside of Dekalb were Articles of Faith's final show and a show at The Metro with Out of Order. Mike Crown and Steve Ross from The Subverts occassionally filled in for members. Over 20 years later, the complete Ring 13 catalog will shortly be released on CD by members of the band.

Recent activity

On August 22nd 2007, Ring 13 played their first show in 22 years at Ottos in Dekalb.

Ring 13 reformed on August 22nd in 2009 at the Abbey Pub in Chicago. Ring 13 performed in Chicago for the first time in 24 years along with Blatant Dissent, Subverts, Happy Hunting and Otis Ball and The Chains.

Ring 13 will be playing a couple shows in August 2017 as their 1984 cassette has just made its vinyl debut.[1] First up will be the Eagles Club in Minneapolis 8/25 where they will be playing with Dan's son Jackson as a special guest. Speaking of special guests, Kerry Martinez and Chip Hanna will be joining Ring 13 for both shows as well. Kerry has played with Shattered Faith, U.S. Bombs, Lifestyle, Bad Luck Charms]and Roger Miret and the Disasters. Chip currently plays with TSOL and has played with the Weirdos, One Man Army and the Berlin 3. On 8/26 Ring 13 will be at the Liar's Club in Chicago. It's Cornfest in Dekalb both of these days, so after you've had your fill of corn, please consider a short road trip to come see DeKalb's own punk rockers, Ring 13.

Shows in August 2017

Event Ring 13 record release
Date August 25th August 26th
Venue Eagles Club


Liar's Club


Time TBD Doors 8, show 9



  • Nothing New, Nothing Learned cassette (1984, Self-Released)
    • 14 Tracks (2nd printing had 13), recorded in one session
  1. Frustration
  2. Andy Frain
  3. No Laughing Matter
  4. Bargain Hunter
  5. Apt. 25
  6. Nothing New, Nothing Learner
  7. Shadow
  8. Puff
  9. Going Down
  10. It's Quick, It's Easy, It's The Law
  11. Indecision
  12. You May Be Right
  13. Paint My Dick


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