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I'd like to let all friends know that I can be contacted at rachael@1houseinc.com It would be great to have a Space Place Reunion, at least I think so! What about you? Experience: 80’ Created and operated The Space Place, with Mike & Rich Harrington, a non- for profit concert and rehearsal facility in Chicago, focusing on all ages shows, with an emphasis on many styles of alternative music. 83’ Partnered with Jay B. Ross and Associates, Joe Shannahan, & Joe Prino, to open The Metro in Chicago. 85' to the present Recording artist with TRAX RECORDS, The Original Home Of House Music. 87’- 90’ signed recording deals as Screamin’ Rachael with Streetwise NYC, and Teldec in Germany. 90’ to 92’ worked at Sugarhill Records, in Englewood New Jersey, as an artist, and intern, for owner Sylvia Robinson. 93’ to 96’ Hosted the award winning cable show Manhattan Lifestyles, and promoted, and performed at events at many of NYC’s top venues, including The Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium, Tatou, and The Red Zone, and subject of the Documentary "Party Monster" The Shockumentary. Trax Records Chicago Illinois, 1996 to the 2010’ Currently view www.vimeo.com/traxtv I think I have located Al Salecker & John LeQuesne Of My Group Screaming Rachel & Remote & would like to find Ross Anderson to complete the circle! STILL A PUNK AT HEART! REMEMBER THE SPACE PLACE!!!