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The Quiet Knight (953 W. Belmont) was a venue that housed some of the earliest punk and proto punk shows in Chicago. One of Chicago's earliest known "punk type" shows was The Velvet Underground at the Quiet Knight in 1970. Sometime in the late 70s the Quiet Knight became Tuts, which played more of the traditional punk bands. Also at the same location (after Tuts) was The Avalon.

The Quiet Knight was a legendary bar in Chicago that was also one of the homes to Chicago's quintessential folk music scene/movement of the late 60s and 70s where acts like Steve Goodman, John Prine, Utah Phillips, Arlo Guthrie and so many other local and national folk legends performed. Bruce Springsteen also played Quiet Knight. Relevant to the Chicago new wave scene, the final bill on the closing night of the Quiet Knight was Immune System with Pennsylvania's The Swingers.

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