Pierre Kezdy

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Pierre Kezdy was a longstanding member of the Chicago punk scene. He was the younger brother of John Kezdy of The Effigies. Born January 4, 1962, he joined his first serious band, Strike Under while he was still in high school. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Pierre played bass in a number of notable Chicago-area punk bands, most famously Naked Raygun (whom he joined in 1985) and Pegboy (whom he joined in the early 1990s). Throughout his time playing music, he always held onto his day job as a plumber.

In 2011, Pierre suffered a stroke which impacted his ability to play bass and work. He later suffered from cancer, which ultimately claimed his life on October 9, 2020.



  • Pierre and wife Heather have four children - Nicole, Mary, Peter & Delphine
  • Worked as a plumber
  • Drinks a lot of Red Bull