New Clear Threat

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New Clear Threat is a thrash punk band from the northside of Chicago. Originally starting back in '97 as 'Uncle Sam's Misguided Children', a garage punk band that did a lot of Green Day covers, original members, Amit Parekh (bass), Charlie Medina (guitar), and James Kolasinski (drums) decided it was time for a change. After Eric Williams took over on lead vocals (after joining USMC as a second vocalist) and they started messing around with new sounds, New Clear Threat obtained it's name. Shortly after, Warren Mendoza came in as the second guitarist to compliment and co-create NCT's unique style. After recording some E.P.'s and playing out, in 2010 Amit went his way to go to Med school and Aaron Jaramillo (bassist of Rather Tragic) took his place. We're currently working on a new E.P. that will be released in early Jan/Feb 2011. And will be going to Columbus in March to work on a single. We don't have any show's currently lined up. We're just working on some new tunes, but be ready and keep an eye out for our E.P. release show soon to come.