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In 2001 Naked Raygun released a 22 song CD of their hits in a live format called Free Shit. It was put out by Haunted Town Records on both CD and green vinyl. All the tracks from Free Shit came from Raygun's two show mini reunion at The Metro in 1997.

Track Listing

  1. I Don't Know
  2. Strip, The
  3. Metastasis
  4. Coldbringer
  5. Dog At Large
  6. Backlash Jack
  7. Peacemaker
  8. Surf Combat
  9. Gear
  10. Entrapment
  11. Knock Me Down
  12. Treason
  13. Hips Swingin'
  14. Home
  15. I Don't Mind
  16. Vanilla Blue
  17. Hot Atomics
  18. No Sex
  19. Twentieth Century Boy
  20. Rat Patrol
  21. Wonder Beer
  22. New Dreams

History of Free Shit

In mockery of mainstream music, Naked Raygun often gave away "Free Shit" which were items bearing the Naked Raygun name or logo tossed off stage by the band into the crowd. The "Free Shit" ranged in form of suckers, plastic water guns, T-Shirts, 45s, etc. Jeff Pezzatti once announced during a show at the Metro, that Naked Raygun "sold out, and here is the money". He then tossed a wad of dollar bills with Naked Raygun rubber stamped on them into the crowd. That was sarcasm, and the rest is history.

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Example of Free Shit

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