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Walkthrufyre Records was started by a pair of businessmen who had worked in the record distribution industry. The label put out a number of records by Chicago-based punk and metal acts (with the exception of the White Pigs, who were from Connecticut) with the promise of offering these bands professional distribution for their records. Plans and reality ended up being two different things (ID Under’s Douglas Ward called their deal with the label “a deal with the devil”) and by the end of the decade, the label had collapsed.



  • Out of Order’s Paradise Lost and Impulse Manslaughter's Logical End are the only records released by the label that have seen official reissue, (Paradise Lost in the form of the Survival of the Fittest collection on Victory Records and Logical End by Nuclear Blast Records in Germany, who handled all of Impulse Manslaughter's European releases) although the first Life Sentence record has been bootlegged in recent years.


  • The song “Professional Distribution” on Screeching Weasel’s Boogadaboogadaboogada! LP was written about the band’s encounter and reaction to a meeting with Walkthrufyre Records, who had offered to distribute their first LP. The meeting allegedly started with one of the guys from Walkthrufyre saying “We hear you got the buzz.” Needless to say, the band rejected the label’s offer. The insert of the Roadkill Records pressing of Boogadaboogadaboogada included a “Fuck You” list. Walkthrufyre’s name was the only one on the list.