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Talk page hello

Hey Marie, this is your talk page. As an FYI every person who has a login gets their own talk page. It's the best place to ask a user questions specific to the wiki and iron out any details, similar to private messages in myspace or a messageboard. Obviously we can use email too but if enough people join on board then it may be the only way you have to contact him or her. If you edit any user's "talk" or "discussion" page, they get a note at the top of the wiki that they have new messages. Each page (like AOF) also has a talk page if you want to discuss something specific about a band instead of someone using the wiki. All that being said, I wanted to thank you for the work on the pages you've done (big thumbs up on the AOF page!) and let you of a couple conventions that I've started using:

  • The first time you mention band/person/whoever whose name is the page, use bold - '''Naked Raygun''' was a band... - as an example
  • When listing any names/members of a band, make a wikilink to their page. Even if there isn't a page available, it's a good convention and leads to people clicking on that link and starting a new page for someone they know a little bit about.

Last two things - if you want to reply to this or any other talk page discussion, use a colon as the first character on the next line. That'll indent/tab your reply. Also use ~~~~ at the end of every talk - that is a shortcut to adding your username, a link to your personal wiki page and the date/time. I'll use it now, thanks again! - Gantry 09:38, 18 May 2006 (CDT)