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Yo. Hey this is XSXEX. I am a local chicago asshole. I am more punk than you. I am the mostest punkest. I am a total retard. I listen to Q101 all day long. Especially when they are going to give out tickets to the FOB@HOB. Yeee yeah. I am 12 years old. No I am 27 years old. Well really I am 27. I have no life and no friends so FUCK YOU!!!! I play the guitar. I love to talk about myself. I am an egocentric maniac. I will destroy myself before I destroy you. I have a zine. You are more punk than me. See I am more punk cause you're more punk. If you dont get it than you're not hardcore. I'm the son of rage and love. I wanna be sedated. I took her out, it was a friday nite. I am leading man and the lies I weave are OH so intricate. XOX love yahs later.


reading this back to myself in 2013, im like, "yeah, okay, uh-huh"