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Background information
Origin {{{origin}}}
Years active {{{years}}}
Label(s) {{{label}}}

This is a template for an infobox. You can use it for bands and artists.


  • name = (Name of the band/artist)
  • image = (An image of the band or artist, opotional)
  • caption = (A caption for the image)
  • origin = (The origin of the band/artist)
  • years = (Years active)
  • label = (The labels the bands played on)


  1. First, pick an article you'd like to edit (for this template, pick a band. For example; Get Smart! or Big Black).
  2. Copy and paste the code in your article.
  3. Fill in the template.
{{Infobox musical artist  
| name                = 
| image               = 
| caption             = 
| origin              = 
| years               = 
| label               =