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Shakefork Records was run out of Downer's Grove, IL, and started by Ray Kolenko in 1990. Most of the bands on the label would fall under the "emo-core" tag. Sometime in 1991, Ray handed control of the label over to Scott Broadhurst, of the band Friction. Scott continued to run the label until he moved to California, after which both Friction and Shakefork ceased to exist. The label's last release, a split between Friction and Cap'n Jazz, was delayed by Scott's move. Rumor had it that Kolenko was unhappy about how the label ended and had given the name to some kids in Wisconsin to continue it, but nothing ever surfaced, so this was probably nothing more that idle talk. In 2009, Ray announced that Shakefork was being resurrected under the guidance of Neil Sandler.



  • No Punks In The Pit and Decline Of The Western Suburbs were meant to be released together, but the label did not have the money to pay for the pressing of a double EP. Interestingly, the two comps feature the singers of Ivy League and Target on the cover of opposite records in which their bands appear.